Structural Sealants

At Ecosse Global UK, we provide a range of high quality epoxy resins, including products that can be used below the waterline and even displace fuel to form a permanent bond.

Why Use Ecosse Global's Bio-Seal 390LM epoxy resin?

1. Tolerant of water
May be applied to damp or wet surfaces yet still function well as a reinforcing seal coating. Completely displaces water.

2. Structural Strength / High Adhesion Capability
Tensile adhesion on unprepared surface is approximately 1000 psi. Tensile adhesion of more than 2000 psi if surface is properly prepared and cleaned.

3. VERY strong elastic resin: no cracking
Elongation of approximately 100% at 26 Deg. C.
Absorbs energy from sudden impacts or shocks.

4. Zero shrinkage after cure
Ensures absolutely no voids and therefore complete isolation from the elements.

5. Absolutely no foaming
Foaming of any product will create huge surface area pressures and can displace very heavy loads.

6. No primer required
There is no need for a primer as the material itself is viscous, it has a high adhesion strength.

7. Ease of application
Designed for ease of use in the field. Depending on the location of void the mixed resin may be injected by pump or simply poured through funnels. Its mixing ration is 1:1 by volume to ensure plural component pumping is as simple as possible.

8. Workable pot life
Approx 90 minutes at 12 Deg. C

9. Very safe
Formulated with NO volatile solvents. Odour-free during application.

10. Available in a range of hardness levels
Can be formulated to a range of shore hardness levels to suit the clients' requirements