The splash zone is the one area that has been the most difficult to treat given the constant wetting and drying scenario that prevails on a daily basis - either disbonding factory coatings or rendering cathodic protection systems ineffective.

Splash zone corrosion on offshore platforms can be the weak point in the cycle of life on the structure, leading to premature failure and early decommissioning. Our Ecowrap system comprises an impact resistant outer nylon Neoprene jacket with polyester internal carrier membrane, into which a gel anti-corrosion formulation is impregnated at the factory.

The oil and gas industry sees Ecowrap as the standard for retrofit corrosion protection.

Some Ecowrap Installations:

BP Norway – Ula /Gyda Platforms – Conductor riser corrosion protection

Chevron – Britannia Platform – Conductor corrosion protection; Conoco Phillips- J Block Platforms – Splashzone riser repairs

Texaco / BG – Captain Platform – Splashzone riser corrosion protection; BP UK – Bruce Platform – Splashzone riser corrosion protection

BP UK - Harding Platform UKCS – Splashzone riser corrosion protection; Shell UK – Tern and Cormorant Alpha conductor splashzone protection

Shell UK – Brigantine Platform riser repairs

Shell USA – Ursa TLP – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Shell USA – Brutus TLP – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Anadarko Energy – Marco Polo TLP – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Hess Oil and Gas – Neptune TLP – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Exxon Mobil - Kizomba A and B TLP – Deepwater West Africa

El Paso Energy – Prince TLP – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Modec – West Seno A and B TLPs – Deepwater South East Asia


Riser corrosion: Damage before Ecowrap application. Ecowrap installation: Ecowrap being installed. Ecowrap: Corrosion and installation. Ecowrap: Ecowrap installations. Ecowrap: Ecowrap installations.